Anti-Ragging Committee

1. Measures for Curbing Ragging

  • 1.1 Every student shall submit, at the time of admission and at the time of re-registration for 2nd/3rd year two Affidavits on Rs. 10.00 stamp paper each, duly notarized, one signed by the student and the other signed by the parent. Draft of the Affidavits required are given at:-
    Annexure I - By the student • Annexure II - By the parent.
  • 1.2 A student shall not be admitted or re-registered unless and until the Affidavits mentioned in Rule 1.1 are submitted.
  • 1.3 Every student, at the time of admission/re-registration will be supplied Anti-Ragging Regulations of the College.
  • 1.4 The College Authorities shall take necessary steps to sensitize students, parents, authorities about the gravity of ragging. This may be done with the help of audio-visuals, electronic and print mediums. Posters, banners and pamphlets highlighting the menace of ragging and its serious consequences shall be pasted on conspicuous places in the College.
  • 1.5 In addition to Regulations, College will also provide instructions on whom to contact in case of incidence or attempt at ragging. This would include contact mobile numbers of Anti-Ragging Committees, Anti-Ragging Squad, Anti-Ragging Helpline, and relevant State, District and police authorities. The contact details shall be as follows:
  • Sr.NoNameDesignationContactEail ID
    1. Chairman  
    2. Principal  
    3. Hostel Warden (Male)  
    4. Hostel Warden (Female)  
    5. Assistant Professor /HOD  
    6. Student Representative  

    2. Anti-Ragging Committee: Constitution and Function

  • 2.1 The College shall constitute an “Anti-Ragging Committee” in the Chairmanship of the Principal at the beginning of every academic year.
  • 2.2 It shall comprise of faculty members, students from the fresher’s category as well as seniors and selected non-teaching staff as nominated by the Managing Trustee.
  • 2.3 This Committee shall be fully responsible to ensure that no incidence of ragging as defined in Rule 2 of these regulations takes place and will also monitor and ensure that the instructions of these regulations are followed fully at all points of time.
  • 2.4 The Committee will also maintain alert vigil at all times and ensure that the Anti-Ragging Squads/Anti-Ragging Helpline of the College carry out their functions properly and efficiently.
  • 3. Anti-Ragging Squads: Constitution and Function

  • 3.1 The College keeping in mind number of students, hostels and hostel blocks shall constitute a number of Anti-Ragging Squads as it deem sufficient to implement Anti-Ragging Measures effectively.
  • 3.2 Anti-Ragging Squads shall comprise of senior faculty members and responsible representatives of senior and fresher students. The Anti-Ragging Squads shall be as follows:
    Anti- Ragging Squad – Male /Female:-
  • Sr.NoNameDesignationContactEail ID
    1. Chairman  
    2. Principal  
    3. Hostel Warden (Male)  
    4. Hostel Warden (Female)  
    5. Assistant Professor /HOD  
    6. Student Representative  
  • 3.3 The function of Anti-Ragging Squad will include taking around, patrolling the College and the common areas in the academic/administrative/hostel/mess of the College , maintain vigil at all times on all days by rotation as decided by Principal/HOD and take action if they notice any incidence of ragging either in their School/Department or any other Institution / or in the Campus.
  • 3.4 The Squads will also have the responsibility wherever required to investigate incidences of ragging and to report to the Anti-Ragging Committee / Anti-Ragging Help Line for immediate action.
  • 3.5 On the report of Anti-ragging Squad or any other person who is the witness of the incidence of ragging or on the complaint of any fresher student, immediate action will be taken by the Anti- Ragging Committee to decide appropriate punishment from the list of punishments prescribed under the Rules and award it with intimation to the College Authorities.
  • 4. Anti-Ragging Helpline:

  • 4.1 Anti-Ragging Helpline will be established in College under the direction of Anti-Ragging Committee. The Helpline will function 24 hours.
  • 4.2 Anti-Ragging Helpline will be equipped with land line and mobile telephone numbers which shall be made known to all concerned i.e. students, teachers, parents, Anti-Ragging Committee, Anti-Ragging Squad etc.


    Anti Ragging Regulations

Notice Board


B.Sc Nursing

Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing

4 Years Degree Course

Eligibility Criteria: +2 Pass (PCBE)

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing

Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing

2 Years Degree Course

Eligibility Criteria: GNM


(General Nursing & Midwifery)

3 Years Diploma Course

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(Multi Purpose Health Worker)

18 Months Diploma Course

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